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NDA Syllabus 2021

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NDA Syllabus & Exam Pattern:The written test will be of a total of 900 marks. The Mathematics paper contains 300 marks & General Ability test holds 600 marks. Every incorrect answer, 0.33 marks will be deducted.After clearing the written test, candidates have to go through the SSB Interview. The interview process will have a total of 900 marks.

S.N. Paper Subject                     Marks  Duration
1. Paper- I  Mathematics 300 300 2 hours 30 min.
2. Paper-II General Ability 400 600  
English 200 2 hours 30 min.
    Total 900 900  

NDA Exam Syllabus:

Subject Topic
Mathematics Calculus Quadratic equationMatrices & Determinants  Probability Trigonometry Complex number 
English Grammar and usageComprehension and cohesionSpotting of errorsPara JumblingFill in the blanksSynonyms and antonymsVocabularyCloze testSentence correction and improvementIdioms and proverbsCompletion of Sentence and parajumbles
Physics States of Matter and its properties:  Light and Sound (properties),Motion and Laws of Motion:  Magnet and its propertiesWork, Energy, and Power : Current and ElectricityModes of Transfer of Heat and its effect:  General Principles of Working of Simple Pendulum, Pulleys, Siphon, Levers, Balloon, Pumps, Hydrometer, Pressure Cooker, Thermos Flask, Gramophone, Telegraphs, Telephone, Periscope, Telescope, Microscope, Mariner’s Compass; Lightening Conductors, Safety Fuses
 Chemistry Physical and Chemical Changes:  Properties of Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc. with Oxidation and ReductionAir and Water (properties):  Carbon and its formsChemical equations and Laws of Chemical Combination:  Atom and its structure (details)Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures:  FertilizersAcids, Bases and Salts:  Use of materials for the preparation of different chemicals
General Sciences Basic Unit of Life: Cell Reproduction in Plants and AnimalsLiving and Non-Living Things Human Body and Life processesEpidemics: causes and preventions Food and Balanced DietSolar System Achievement of Eminent Scientists
History Indian History: Culture and Civilisation Constitution and Administration of IndiaNationalism in India Government of India at various levelsFive Year plans of India Renaissance and DiscoveryFrench, Russian and Industrial Revolution United Nations and the Concept of one worldDemocracy in India Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi
Geography Earth and its Origin and Movement (latitudes and longitudes) Tides and Oceanic CurrentsRocks and Its classification The atmosphere and Atmospheric PressureTypes of Climate Regional Geography of IndiaAgricultural and Industries Transportation and Trading routes of IndiaImports and Exports of India 
Current Affairs Important and Recent Events in India Current and Important World EventsImportant Indian or Non-Indian Personalities related to Cultural Activities and Sports